Christians and the Middle East Conflict

Author: Paul S. Rowe, John H. A. Dyck & Jens Zimmermann

Publisher/Publication: Routledge

DOI/ISBN: 9780415743983

This volume examines the Middle Eastern Christian responses to the conflicts of the region, by combining articles by Christian activists and academics from various fields, including theology, political science, anthropology, international relations, security studies and contemporary history, in order to explore the different aspects of the role of Christians in the conflict zones in the Middle East. In the first part, it examines the way Christian theology is applied in the Middle East; in the second, it analyzes Christian reactions and practices of coexistence in historic circumstances; in the third part, it presents the contemporary situation of Christians in conflict zones, with an emphasis on the Palestinian context. The aim of this collection it to go beyond the conventional “church-state” analyses and examine the impact of religion on politics of conflict, by raise attention to the roles of Christians in the region.