Copts at the Crossroads: The Challenges of Building Inclusive Democracy in Egypt

Author: Mariz Tadros

Publisher/Publication: American University in Cairo Press

DOI/ISBN: 97897741659171

The dire situation of the Arab world’s largest religious minority, the Christians Copts, is discussed by the writer, in view of the rise in their importance due to the cataclysmic events in Egypt. The book analyses how sectarianism has influenced the positioning of the Copts in the wider polity especially during the escalation in Mubarak's reign. Relations among the state, the church, Coptic citizenry, civil and political societies are analysed, with a view to other religious minorities in the Arab region and the exodus of Christians in Egypt, the emerging trends and the possible scenarios for future configurations of power in the country, the relations between Church and the state. The rise of Islamism and the ways that it will affect he Copts’ ability to express their political and social concerns is also a point of discussion in this book.