Christians in Jerusalem: A Minority at Risk

Author: Daphne Tsimhoni

Publisher/Publication: Journal of Human Rights

Volume/Issue: 4(3)

DOI/ISBN: 10.1080/14754830500257695

This article deals with the decline of the Christians in Jerusalem with a focus on the 21st century. The author argues that since the outbreak of the Palestinian al-Aqsa intifada in 2000, the Christian population decline is mainly the result of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the struggle of who is in control of the Holy City, especially in the Old City and East Jerusalem. According to the author, Israel has failed to protect the Christians in Jerusalem from both Muslim and ultra orthodox Jews, emphasizing that the existence of Christians in Jerusalem is a touchstone of the preservation of human rights and protection of religious freedom as well as the security of the Holy Places to which Israel is committed.