The Last Christians: Stories of Persecution, Flight, and Resilience in the Middle East

Author: Andreas Knapp

Publisher/Publication: Plough Publishing House

DOI/ISBN: 9780874860627

The writer elaborates on the dead-end situation of Christians in Iraq and Syria, seen as a religious minority persecuted for their Christian faith from the point of view of a priest who works with  refugees in Germany. He focuses on the region’s cultural heritage that has survived. He uses eyewitness accounts in this book to present the reasons that millions of Christians are fleeing the Middle East as a result of religious persecution and the living conditions. There are important findings on Christian sects, some of whom still speak Aramaic dialects. In sum, as Christians are displaced from Iraq and Syria. experiencing the wrath of the Islamic State jihadists and taking refuge in camps and shelters. the writer paints a bleak picture for the Syriac Christians and Christianity in Iraq, who are on the run and are unable to find the assistance they in the West.