We are the mother of the Arabs: Articulating Syriac Christian selfhood in Bethlehem

Author: Mark Daniel Calder

Publisher/Publication: University of Aberdeen

DOI/ISBN: https://abdn.alma.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/delivery/44ABE_INST:44ABE_VU1/12152487430005941?lang=en

The aim of the PhD thesis is to articulate the ways that Syriac Orthodox Christians view themselves as part of the larger Syrian body through their participation in the Eucharist. The author especially focuses on the narrative rather than the identity politics which emerge from their participation and their sense of belonging. As such, emphasis is attributed to the connections that are formed through religious participation, in addition to a redefinition of a new and modern concept of society since not all share the same adherence to religion but are part of the Syrian body nonetheless.