Eastern Christian Subjectivities and Islam’s Hegemony in the Arab World (in: Middle East Christianity: The Modern Muslim World)

Author: Stephan Stetter & Nabo M. Moussa Nabo

Publisher/Publication: Palgrave Pivot

DOI/ISBN: 10.1007/978-3-030-37011-4_2

As the book is a product of an academic conference, organized in Rome in February 2016, each chapter offers a focused view on aspects that affect Middle East Christianity, starting from the early nineteenth century and reaching the present. While there are attempts to draw a theoretical framework for the study of Christians in the Middle East, the book includes a historical overview on the history of Christians in the region, the relationship between Islam and Christianity, as well as case studies on the Maronites in Lebanon, Egypt’s Copts, the role of Protestant missionaries in the 19th century, processes of individualization amongst Middle East Christians, as well as papal diplomacy in the region.