Algeria: Appeal verdict postponed again

Publication Date: 31/5/2021

Source: Middle East Concern

Christians in Algeria request continued prayer for Pastor Rachid Seighir, and his bookshop assistant Nouh Hamami. as the decision in their appeal against proselytising charges has been postponed to 6 June.

Pastor Rachid leads the Oran City church (L’Oratoire) and also owns a book and stationery shop, where Nouh Hamami works as a salesman.

On 27 February both were convicted in-absentia of “proselytising,” as the bookshop contained books which were considered to “agitate the faith of Muslims.” An article in the law regulating non-Muslim worship criminalises “ … producing, storing, or disseminating printed documents, audiovisuals, or using any other means with the intent to undermine the faith of a Muslim.”

Police raided the bookshop in September 2017, finding Christian books, publications (including Bibles) and printing machines. The two Christians were sentenced to two years in prison and fined. Their appeal was heard in 16 May. The verdict should have been announced on 30 May but was postponed by he court for one week.


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