The Christian Predicament in the Middle East | Middle East Bulletin 28

Institution: Centre for Mediterranean, Middle East & Islamic Studies (CEMMIS)

Publication Date: 2015


Interview with the Ambassador of Palestine in Athens, Marwan Emile Toubassi
A protracted dystopia ? Political Islam and Christianity in the Middle East
Dissecting Sectarianism: the political economy of ‘Christians’
Christian militias in Syria and Iraq: beyond the neutrality/passivity debate
The Vatican and the Russian Orthodox Church in the Middle East: A Match Made in Heaven
Εvangelists at opposite sides
Persecuted minorities amongst IS’s rampage: the case of the Assyrians
The Antiochian Church under threat
The Copts and the Egyptian State: A Love-Hate Relationship
Dealing with Shadows: Turkey and its Christian minorities
Greek-Orthodox Arabs in the Holy Land
Christianity in the Middle East: terms for an interdisciplinary debate

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