Political Islam, Citizenship, and Minorities The Future of Arab Christians in the Islamic Middle East

Author: Andrea Zaki Stephanous

Publisher/Publication: University Press of America

DOI/ISBN: 978-0-7618-5213-1

The book examines the emergence of political Islam and the recent changes in political Christianity in the region as crucial factors in shaping a new perception of Arab Christians. According to the writer, the relationship between religions and politics is very often the key to analyzing circumstances in the Middle East. His arguments are founded on the premise that a political system has formed in the region, based on religious principles seek to marginalize non-Muslims potential. The author assesses the considerable impact of political Islam on the formation of the current structure in the Middle East, while considering the part of political Christianity. The Copts of Egypt and the Maronites of Lebanon serve as case studies to examine the role of minorities and their identity formation.