Digital Diasporas and Governance in semi-authoritarian states: The case of the Egyptian Copts

Author: Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff

Publisher/Publication: Public Admin

Volume/Issue: 25

DOI/ISBN: 10.1002/pad.364

The aim of this article is to showcase the relationship between diasporas and countries of origin with regards to their impact on local governments through the use of lobbying, internet fora as well as debate initiating. The US-based Coptic diaspora is utlilized as a case study in order to illustrate this relationship. Interviews and on the ground research is employed in order to examine the actual impact as well as to showcase the lack of definition of what can be set as ground rules for discourse for local governments. As such, the diaspora has the capability to employ soft power and its host country influence in order to shift the discourse to issues that would not be on the local government's agenda.