Reforging a Forgotten History Iraq and the Assyrians in the Twentieth Century

Author: Sargon George Donabed

Publisher/Publication: Edinburgh University Press

DOI/ISBN: 978 0 7486 8605 6

Using primary and secondary data, archival material and sources, this book attempts to explore the dynamics that have affected and determined the trajectory of the Assyrians' experience in 20th century Iraq, reaching to recent events, which surfaced in 2014 calling for autonomy in the Nineveh province of the country. The reinsertion of this transnational population, indigenous to northern Mesopotamia, as an integral part of Iraq's broader contemporary historiography is a primary goal of the author, bringing the minority issue and the Assyrians closer to the spotlight to contextualize this native people's experience alongside the developmental processes of the modern Iraqi state. The author aspires to discover the Assyrians’ part of reimagining Iraq, incorporating various perspectives and personal experiences.