Algerian Christians Proselytizing Appeal Delayed

Publication Date: 28/4/2021

Source: Persecution - International Christian Concern

Algerian Christians Pastor Rachid Seighir and his bookshop assistant Nouh Hamami had their court hearing back one month and will now appeal their two-year prison sentences on May 16. On February 27, the two men were convicted in absentia of proselytizing and sentenced to two years in prison and fined. They were supposed to have their cases heard on April 18.

Pastor Rachid leads Oran City Church and also owns a bookstore where Nouh Hamami worked as his employee. When the store was raided in September 2017, the Christian material authorities found was used as justification for their conviction. Their proselytizing charge came under an Algerian law regarding non-Muslim worship that does not allow for “producing, storing, or disseminating printed documents, audiovisuals, or using any other means with the intent to undermine the faith of a Muslim.”

Another Christian, Hamid Soudad, recently had his five-year prison sentence on blasphemy charges upheld at his appeal case on March 22. Two more Algerians are also facing blasphemy charges and the subsequent consequences.


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