Christian-Muslim Relations in Egypt : Politics, Society and Interfaith Encounters

Author: Henrik Lindberg Hansen

Publisher/Publication: I.B. Tauris

DOI/ISBN: 978 0 85773 840 0

This book is examining the dialogue initiatives between Muslims and Christians in Egypt in the Mubarak era. Firstly, it offers a theoretical approach to the diversity of dialogical initiatives in Egypt, before offering a historical and societal background of the major institutions and movements that impacted religious relations (the Al Azhar University, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Coptic Orthodox Church), followed by the analysis of the divisions of the Egyptian society. It continues by categorizing incidents between Christians and Muslims in everyday incidents or in instances of sectarian violence, and analyses the different discourses of dialogue by different actors. Lastly, it examines the impact of the 2011 revolution on interreligious relations in the struggle to redefine socio-political groups and relations.