Christianity in North Africa and West Asia

Author: Kenneth R. Ross,Mariz Tadros & Todd Johnson

Publisher/Publication: Edinburg University Press

DOI/ISBN: 9781474428071

Part of a series on worldwide Christianity, this volume focuses on the region where Christianity began, examining the Christian presence via a variety of themes and disciplinary approaches. The book utilizes four different analyses, with each part lighting a different part of the Christian presence: demographics, on country level, on denominational level, and on selected elements on a region-wide basis. The demographic analysis uses visually appealing maps and graphics in order to describe the changes on the Christian population from 1970 to 2015, and analyzes the factors that influence the examination of the Christian population, for example the way they frame their identity or the Islamic context. The separation into countries and regions examines 25 different settings in 16 chapters, with a brief history of the Christian presence and a small section about the future of each community. The part of major Christian traditions offers glimpses into the history of each church, as well as denominational differences. The last part, examines unique aspects such as social and political context, gender, religious freedom, interreligious relations, or displaced populations.