The Lebanese Forces: Emergence and Transformation of the Christian Resistance

Author: Nisan Mordechai

Publisher/Publication: The Journal of the Middle East and Africa

Volume/Issue: 11(3)

DOI/ISBN: 10.1080/21520844.2020.1803586

This book provides a historical and political framework of the Lebanese Forces (LF) since the 1975 as Lebanon descended into its civil war until 2011. Not only does it focus on the international, regional domestic dynamics of Lebanon and the latter’s various ethno-religious components vis-à-vis LF but also with the heterogeneity among the Christian community. Nevertheless, given that the author engages with material—almost exclusively—from Kataeb Party’s and LF’s documents and interviews with LF leaders, the study essentially crystalizes the principles and perception of LF on the political affairs in Lebanon for the last quarter of a century.