The Maronite Church in the United States, 1854–2010

Author: Georges T. Labaki

Publisher/Publication: U.S. Catholic Historian

Volume/Issue: 32(1)


This article is focused on the origins and the history of the Maronite Church in the United States. After briefly examining the origins of Maronite Church, it describes the development of the establishment of the Maronite parishes in the US. As their establishment relied on the local Latin Church, who oftentimes were ignorant or even rejected Eastern Christianity, the Maronite Churches’ growth was limited, affected also by restricted resources and the scattered nature of the community. While the adoption of English as the language of liturgy in the 1960s has brought greater access to worship, only a small part of Maronites in the US attend Maronite churches, whose viability cannot rely solely on migration.