After Saturday Comes Sunday : Understanding the Christian Crisis in the Middle East

Author: Elizabeth Kendal

Publisher/Publication: Resource Publications

DOI/ISBN: 978-1-4982-3987-5

This books is an attempt to help the western audience to understand the current crisis in the Middle East and the persecution of the native Christian communities. After offering a detailed description of the ancient presence of Jews and Christians in the area, the author refers to the rise of Islam, with an emphasis on the Sunni-Shia divide, the Islamic radicalization in the last quarter of the 20th century, and the rise of Jihadi groups in the post-Arab Spring, culminating to Islamic State's anti-Christian persecution, mass murders and destruction of cultural heritage. While the book is quite detailed, it oversimplifies some of the developments in the region and has unbalanced arguments in an attempt to support its own conclusions, ultimately aiming at rally the audience in favor of protecting the Middle East Christians and Christianity in general.