Remnant Remaining: Armenians amid Northern Iraq's Christian Minority. Iran and the Caucasus

Author: Darren Logan

Publisher/Publication: Iran and the Caucasus

Volume/Issue: 14(1)


The aim of this paper is to present the state of the Christian communities in Iraq with a focus on the Armenian one. The analysis differentiates between the Christian communities which comprise approximatively five percent of the Iraqi population and with Armenian Christians primarily located in Baghdad and in Iraqi Kurdistan. The author takes the time to make the distinction between long residing Christians and internally displaced Christians. The paper examines their living conditions both in Iraq and in the KRG, focusing on the related tenets of the Iraqi and Iraqi Kurdish law and contrasting them with their day to day applications and difficulties. The author stresses the importance of their survival as a part of the history of Iraq and Mesopotamia as well as the dangers that could lead to the continued mass exodus of Christians.