The lost history of Christianity: the thousand-year golden age of the church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-and how it died

Author: Philip Jenkins

Publisher/Publication: HarperOne

DOI/ISBN: 978-0-06-171788-8

The aim of the book is to focus on the Middle Ages’ period and on the different churches which flourished on the East of the Roman Empire. The author tells the story of the Nestorian, Jacobite and Coptic Churches which were integral parts of the regions in the Middle East, Asia and Africa where they settled and developed. At the same time, the book presents the ways with which the churches assimilated within their society and how they engaged in economic, academic, social and political affairs. Hence, a byproduct of this book is the promotion of the rapprochement between Christianity and Islam and the ways through which both religions can coexist peacefully within society, cultivating both religious tolerance and the acceptance of the other.