A Christmas event took place at the Archdiocese of Qatar

Publication Date: 21/12/2021

Source: Orthodox Times

A Christmas event with an artistic programme from various local traditions took place at the Archdiocese of Qatar Headquarters before the Cathedral, on Friday, December 17, 2021.

The artistic programme included Christmas songs by the children of the Orthodox Arab-speaking and Greek-speaking Sunday Schools, the Russian-speaking Choir, Qatar Arabesque and Inmanetica, from the Russian-Ukrainian-speaking International Centre of Music Choir Kamerton and the dance club of the Greeks of Qatar. Dressed in traditional Greek costumes, the participants danced traditional dances, while the Association of the Arab-speaking Community of the H. Archdiocese, also dressed in traditional costumes, danced and sang traditional dances and songs.

There were various Christmas ornaments, presents and items of worship for sale in this event, for the support of the mission of the H. Archdiocese. There was also a great variety of delicacies from the Arabic, Greek, Serbian, Romanian, Moldavian, Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, an offer by the different companies of the ladies-members of the flock.

The event honoured with their presence the Ambassador of Greece, Eleni Mihalopoulou, the Ambassador of Moldavia, Victor Tvircun, the Ambassador of Argentina Carlos Hernandez, the charge des affairs of the Romanian Embassy Grekou, the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Serbia Slobodan Radeka, and of Georgia, Alexander Jiskaviani, the visiting Metropolitan of Bombay, Mar Kyrillos from the Prechalcedonian Church of Malankara in India, as well as representatives of other doctrines in Doha.

The great number of the visiting Orthodox Christians of Qatar and members of other Christian Communities confirmed the success of this event.

Link: https://orthodoxtimes.com/a-christmas-event-took-place-at-the-archdiocese-of-qatar/

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